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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.6.5

By December 30, 2019No Comments

Its time for the last patch of the year! I am almost certain this is our biggest patch ever. Which means its probably full of bugs. But we’re excited to bring you guys several reworked abilities, MANY bug fixes, tons of quality of life features. And a working replay system and an early version of the Ability Store, thanks to the 8 hour dev stream on Twitch last night

Here’s everything in Patch 0.6.5:

  1. Fixed bugs with weapon swapping
  2. Consumable input can now be re-mapped
  3. Reworked the UI for equipped gear and abilities
  4. New material for fort objects
  5. Improved cosmetics UI
  6. Reworked Jump Jet ability
    1. Now has a fuel meter that recharges after a short delay after flight ends
    2. Holding “jump” input will burn fuel to fly upwards
    3. No longer uses Mana and does not have a cooldown
  7. Global chat color is now orange
  8. Added movement speed debugger setting
  9. Changed LMG recoil to be more snappy and less smooth. Suggested by Daniel.
  10. Increased time between horde minion waves from 75 to 85.
  11. Fixed a bug where if you were sprinting you could still reload.
  12. Fixed a bug where recalling wouldn’t cancel when taking damage
  13. Lobby chat now has profanity filter.
  14. New cooldown reducer icon
  15. Half Wall fort object is now 1.5 meters tall (was 1 meter tall)
  16. Fixed (?) a bug where poison status never went away
  17. Lobby now spawns Menu Characters for each player on each team
  18. Host button after failing to find a match works now
  19. Added Tier 6 Demolition Implant.
  20. ADS with a scope is now a smooth transition
  21. Double Jump passive item now only has one tier and can’t be upgraded
  22. Styled brightness slider on skin color picker
  23. Fixed bug where players could reload mid-dodge to cancel out of the dodge
  24. Players can no longer aim while dodging
  25. Fixed bugs with Ghost Cloak (didn’t hide the guns)
  26. Standing still while in the sprint state will now use upper body animations so it looks better
  27. Cosmetics now have image previews in the store
  28. Set a limit for Respawn Time to 30 Seconds
  29. New ability, Harden, places the player into Stasis (a new status effect where the player can’t gain / lose health and shields and can’t shoot his weapon)
  30. New particles and animation for Recalling
  31. New skybox and lighting
  32. Updated environment materials
  33. Added a 2 second delay when characters die before showing the Death Screen
  34. Swapping to a weapon while mid-swap will now restart the weapon swap animation
  35. Improved spray wheel UI
  36. Reworked the Riot Shield ability. Riot Shield now has a health bar that recharges after a 20 second cooldown when not deployed. The shield can be deployed at will and no longer has a limited duration or a casting cooldown
  37. Fixed collision issues in the garden district
  38. Updated the starter loadouts with new configurations of abilities
  39. Created “Heavy LMG Core” with +4 damage and -40% rate of fire
  40. Added a (hopefully) working Replay system
    1. Press “Home” on a keyboard to begin recording a replay. Press “End” to stop recording.
    2. Replays can be watched from the Replay tab in the Main Menu
    3. There is a Gameplay Setting to automatically record replays whenever you play a match. Use this with caution
  41. Updated minimap image for Tutorial Map and City Map
  42. Characters are now smaller icons on the minimap (now “size 15”, previously 20+)
  43. Added detailed description for Healing Burst and Healing Aura and many other abilities

Thank you for being a part of our 2019. Revn wouldn’t be what it is today without all of our alpha testers and community members. Here’s to an even greater 2020!

-Everyone at Project Ambitious Games