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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By January 8, 2020No Comments

Update 0.6.6 mostly addresses bugs in the new Ability Store. Here’s everything we did:

  1. Players can no longer open several ability store widgets.
  2. Redeeming a cosmetics code now refreshes cosmetics so it will show as owned
  3. New art asset for revolver pistol
  4. Added toggle sprint gameplay setting
  5. Reworked Video Settings
  6. Increased speed of “scoping in” transition for FPS-ADS mode
  7. Reduced Exo Plating “Armor” stat to 1,3,5,7,9,11, was 5,7,10,14,16
  8. Matches now hand out Credits instead of Coins, Rewards screen now shows how many credits were earned for the match
  9. Fixed bug where canceling / finishing a recall didn’t reset “use control rotation” for character movement component
  10. Item crafting UI can no longer be opened up when flying the drone
  11. Fixed bug where spamming the Recall button would constantly reset the recall timer
  12. Fixed some ability store glitches. (Removes confirm purchase ui when clicking another listing in the ability store. Fixed the glitch where multiple confirm ability purchase uis could be opened)
  13. New “rotate preview left / right” buttons in Cosmetics UI
  14. Leader-boards are colored by team now
  15. Abilities store now displays your current shards and credits
  16. New icons for drone “demolish” and “repair” HUD prompts