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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By February 4, 2020No Comments

Here’s this week’s patch notes!

  1. Recent matches are back in the Profile page
  2. Changed Weapon Damage Booster metal costs from (200,400,600,800,1000,1200) to (200,450,700,750,800,875)
  3. Several minor Store improvements
  4. Replays can now be deleted
  5. Profile page now shows highest rating in the current season.
  6. Sniper Rifle max range decreased to 200 meters (was 250)
  7. New model for LMG weapon
  8. Flame thrower can now be upgraded to tier 5
  9. Reworked Nexus so that a tower must be destroyed before the Nexus can be damaged
  10. Rogue AI camps will now only agro if they are attacked, and will de-agro after 5 seconds
  11. Rogue AI Health Buff now +5 Health per second (was +1)
  12. Reworked terminals to only be hackable if the camp is dead.
    1. Known Issue: Clearing a camp while standing on the terminal will probably require the player to walk off the terminal and then re-enter the collider to trigger it
  13. Improved net-code for all grenade-type abilities
  14. Poisoned Status now has a “Toxic Cloud fumes” particle system that gets attached to the poisoned character
  15. Consumable cooldown properly shows in tooltips now
  16. Fixed render scale setting always defaulting to 67
  17. Added a check to resume aiming after dodge
  18. Reworked “Burning” status
    1. Taking additional Burn damage no longer adds additional damage tickers.
    2. Taking Burn damage while already Burning will extend the duration of the existing Burning status
  19. Clients should be able to see ranked icons higher than bronze in Lobby
  20. Increased distance that drone spawns above a character when deployed to 700 units (was 500)
    1. Fixes bug where drone could get stuck in floors two stories above the player
  21. Fixed bug where players couldn’t reload if they were using toggle sprint and standing still without exiting the sprint state
  22. Chilling Blast now uses a custom “cold blue” projectile and explosion VFX

Thanks for being a part of the Revn Closed Alpha! We’ll see you on Wednesday and Saturday for the community playtests at 7 PM EST.