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Patch Notes

Patch notes for Update 0.7.0 – Revn Alpha Milestone 7

By February 10, 2020No Comments

We’ve reached another milestone! Alpha Milestone 7 hadĀ five major goals, and this patch adds the last one (Daily Challenges & Rewards). There’s a lot of item stat balancing (thank you alpha testers for pushing the meta to the limit this week!). We tried to fix as many bugs as possible, and even managed to introduce some new features like viewing other players’ Profiles, and a whole suite of new Loadout Editor features.

  1. Demolition Implant metal cost increased to (200,450,700,750,800,875) was (200,300,400,500,600,700)
  2. Fixed bug where Profile Recent Matches wouldn’t show the player’s stats properly
  3. Improved net-code related to Recalling
  4. Loadout Editor and Settings menu now close when loading a map from the Lobby
  5. Increased cooldown for all consumables (med kits, energy kits, vision wards) to 120 seconds (was 10 seconds by mistake)
  6. New art asset for Launcher (Rocket Cannon) weapon frame
  7. Reworked Nexus to be invulnerable until an enemy is standing within an area around it. It has a “bubble shield” around it when invulnerable.
  8. Added a reward for each player’s First Win of the Day
  9. Clearing a Rogue Minion camp should now trigger the associated Resource Terminal to Check for Hacking
  10. Players can now change their flight speed while watching a Replay in Free-cam mode
  11. Riot Shield health meter has better syling
  12. Added VFX for Lockdown ability (previously Harden / Stasis)
  13. Sentry Turret “time to build” set to 1 second (was 30 seconds), fixes bug where sentry turret wouldn’t agro on enemies when placed for the first 30 seconds (not the intended gameplay!)
  14. Decreased Sniper Turret attack charge time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
  15. Renamed Mana to Energy across the UI
  16. Players can now click on other player’s usernames to view their Profile Page
  17. Fixed some replication bugs with explosions and Agro materials for Towers / Turrets
  18. Minor map adjustments
  19. Loadouts can now be created, deleted, and renamed
  20. Fixed chat box resetting position of mouse when typing something that isn’t at the end of the message
  21. Shotguns: Increased Effective Range to 60 (was 40). Shotguns can no longer use the “revolver core”. Armor piercing reduced to 2 (was 5, and I didn’t even realize shotguns had innate armor piercing). Damage reduced to 4, was 6
  22. Fixed bug: “Selling item Confirmation Prompt is showing the wrong item name”
  23. Changes to Shield items
    1. Heavy Shielding – Recharge Delay increased to 4 (was 2). Recharge Rate decreased to (1,2,3,4,5)
    2. Light Shielding – Recharge Delay increased to 2 (was 1). Recharge Rate decreased to (1,2,3,4,5)
    3. Shield Charger – Max Shields bonus decreased to 0 (previously varied by tier). Recharge Rate decreased to (2,4,6,8,10), was crazy high before.
    4. Medium Plating – Recharge Delay increased to 2 (was 1). Regen rate is now always 1 (was 5)

And that’s it for this patch! We’ll see you at the playtests on Wednesday and Saturday @ 7 PM EST.