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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By February 24, 2020No Comments

This week’s update adds some new gun mods, and fixes a handful of bugs.

  1. Added upgrade tiers for Lockdown ability
  2. Reworked Lockdown ability so that player can turn it off early
  3. Players can now duplicated loadouts
  4. Fixed bug where closing the escape menu while watching a replay would hide the mouse
  5. Improved death screen UI
  6. Renamed Stunning Stomp to Shockwave. Increased cooldown to 10 seconds (was 5). Increased tier 5 metal cost to 500 (was 400)
  7. Fixed bug where clients didn’t take any Constructor Matrix discounts into affect when checking if they could build something
  8. Renamed “Rocket Cannon” -> “Launcher Frame”
  9. Created Grenade Launcher Core mode for Launcher Frame.
  10. Created “Box Mag” upgrade for Heavy Rifle (LMG)
  11. Lots of new gun magazine models
  12. Created “Dexterity Stimulant” consumable item
  13. Increased duration of Ghost Cloak to 7,9,11,13,15