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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By March 2, 2020No Comments

The bots are here! This patch adds Revenant Bots, AI controlled characters that can substitute for players in matches with fewer than 5 players per team.

  1. Revenant bots will now patrol the map and attempt to capture terminals for their team
  2. New art assets for gun mags
  3. New icons for gun mods
  4. Reworked Shotgun Full Auto Core mod – No longer has penalties, increases fire rate by 10%
  5. Fixed bug where turrets, med panels, etc wouldn’t be destroyed when their supporting floor was destroyed / demolished
  6. New VFX for Stunned status
  7. Constructor Matrix UI description updated to tell player how much bonus metal income it gives
  8. Increased duration of Toxin Cloud ability
  9. Fixed bugs with Toxin Cloud
  10. Fixed bugs with Proximity Mine
  11. New Forcefield Trap Door
  12. Added basic UI checkbox to Lobby Menu for Host to enable / disable Revenant Bots
  13. Fixed some map collision issues
  14. Decreased Launcher Core splash damage to 7 (was 15)
  15. New ability – Poison Rounds
  16. Fixed some bugs with invisibility and minion agro
  17. Fixed bug where minions would keep shooting at enemies through walls etc
  18. Fire and poison status effects now properly credit the killer
  19. Fixed bug where Riot Shield would remain in the world after character died
  20. New object for players to build: Landmines
  21. New environment materials