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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.7.5

By March 7, 2020No Comments

The bots are evolving! Revenant Bots will buy and upgrade items in this patch, as well as sprint when their destination is far away. We also buffed the landmine trap, and nerfed minions. Finally, we fixed some long-standing bugs related to the Jetpack and Ghost Cloak abilities!

  1. Fixed environment bugs in City Map
  2. By pressing spacebar and having free-cam enabled, players can now disable the replay hud and freely look around
  3. Minion stats reduced as follows:
    1. All minions have had starting health reduced by 10%
    2. Minion Assault Rifle rate of fire decreased to 200 (was 250)
    3. Heavy Minion Launcher rate of fire decreased to 150 (was 200). Starting impact damage reduced to 9 (was 10). Splash damage reduced to 5 (was 10)
  4. Added “Toggle Aim” gameplay setting
  5. Added audio distance falloff for landmine explosion sound
  6. Color picker brightness slider gradient is no longer inverted
  7. Renamed mana to energy in “Energy Transfer” ability and “Not enough energy to cast this ability” warning
  8. Incendiary Rounds mana cost reducd to 15 for all tiers. Damage Per Tick increased to (3,5,7,9,11), was (2,3,4,5,6)
  9. Added a News system to Main Menu
  10. Increased the landmine trap damage from 15 to 20
  11. Renamed “Poison Rounds” to “Viper Rounds”
  12. Renamed “Jump Jet” to “Jetpack”
  13. Improved Shockwave VFX particles
  14. Fixed bug where turrets would agro on characters who were invisible
  15. Enemies should no longer be able to see health bars overhead for invisible characters
  16. Fixed bugs related to Revenant Bots and Ally Health Thumbnails
  17. Revenant Bots can now sprint!
  18. Fixed bugs where AI (minions and Revenant Bots) would freeze (they weren’t aborting their combat sequence even though they didn’t have a valid target)
  19. Fixed bug where jumping with Jetpack would burn fuel
  20. Revenant Bots will now buy and upgrade passive items
  21. Fixed bug where Revenant Bots would spawn and fall through the floor

Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to playing with you all every Wednesday & Saturday @ 7 PM EST.