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Things are pretty crazy in the world right now, but we’re moving forward with development here at Project Ambitious Games. We’re staying safe and working remotely, and hope you are doing well in this crisis.

If you’re wondering what we’re working on, we’re ready to reveal our Alpha Milestone 9 goals for Revn.

Vision System Overhaul

The vision system in Revn controls which characters appear on your team’s mini-map, and which healthbars will be visible to you. There are a series of bugs and performance issues related to this system. As part of Milestone 9, we plan to make sure the vision system is working as intended and running as efficiently as possible.

HUD Graphical Polish

The HUD in Revn serves as the main display of information to a player, and its time we improved its appearance. Our graphic designer, Gracjan, has been working on a new design, which you can preview below.

We would appreciate your feedback on the new HUD design, in Discord or on Reddit.

A preview of the new HUD design

In addition, we will be updating the font we use for most text in the game, and doing our best to polish up all the menus.

Stat Precision

As explained in Dev Blog 36, we are going to increase all Health, Armor, Damage, and Shield scores by a factor of 10. Starting health for players will increase from 100 to 1000. Assault rifle damage will become 100 instead of 10 per shot.

This will allow our design team to more effectively balance items and abilities in Revn. And, percentage based mechanics such as life steal will be viable in a wider range of loadouts.

TTK (time-to-kill) will not be directly affected by this change, however we will have greater control over TTK for future updates.


Those are our primary objectives right now. Of course, we are working on a ton of smaller tasks, too. We’ll continue releasing weekly patches, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.