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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By March 29, 2020No Comments

This is it! The Alpha Milestone 8 patch. Keep reading for what’s new:

  1. All traps now have 100 health and 5 armor. They also now take 10 seconds to build
  2. Improved News UI
  3. Player Referral System now available
    1. Recruit players to earn rewards!
    2. Find your unique referral code in your Profile Page in the Main Menu
    3. Give your referral code to a new player
    4. The new player activates the code in their Profile Page
    5. When the new player wins their first match, you’ll both receive a reward!
    6. For now, the reward will be 200 Shards for each player. This reward is subject to change as we monitor the system. We welcome your feedback.
  4. New icon for Medium Plating and Exo Plating items
  5. Added Ice Trap buildable object
  6. Heavy Single Shot Launcher weapon changes
    1. Heavy Launcher Single Shot reload time decreased to 2.9 (Was 3.5)
    2. Heavy Launcher Core Damage Bonus increased to 50 (was 10)
  7. If a detailed news widget is already open and a player clicks on a different listing, it will now close the currently opened one and open the new one
  8. Added “holster weapon” animation before “equip weapon” animation
  9. Increased weapon equip times as follows:
    1. Assault Rifle to 2 seconds (was 1 second)
    2. Pistol Time to 1.5 second (was 0.5 second)
    3. Burst Rifle to 2 (was 1) seconds
    4. Launcher to 3 (was 1.5)
    5. LMG to 2 (was 1)
    6. Shotgun to 2 (was 1)
    7. Carbine to 1.6 (was 0.8)
    8. Sniper to 2.4 (was 1.2)
  10. Dodging will now cancel a weapon swap
  11. Fixed bug: players could cancel a dodge roll by swapping weapons
  12. Weapon swap animations will now play while the character is sprinting
  13. Updated Nexus model
  14. Improved environment and camera animations in Main Menu

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