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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By April 13, 2020No Comments

This week we launched the Revn Indiegogo Founders Campaign! We had some amazing matches on Wednesday and Saturday with our playtesters.

Evan AKA Eagle Empire has joined the Revn Content Partner program. You can redeem the code EagleEmpire in-game to unlock his channel icon as a spray and show support. Eagle Empire regularly streams the community playtests and is quickly becoming one of the most competitive players in our community.

Here’s everything we did in Patch

Stat Changes

  1. Minion Wave Health and damage scaling – decreased to +5% per wave (was +10%)
  2. Rogue Minion Health scaling decreased to +20% per reset (was +50%)
  3. Rogue Minion Damage scaling decreased to +20% per reset (was +30%)
  4. Heavy Minion Launcher – Rate of Fire decreased to 80 (was 150)
  5. Sniper Rifle – Reload time increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds)
  6. Sniper Rifle base Rate of Fire decreased to 120 (was 160)
  7. Sniper Semi Auto Core (default Core) no longer gives a +50% damage bonus
  8. Sniper Semi Auto Core (default Core) no longer has a -40% rate of fire stat
  9. Bolt Action Reload time decreased to 1.5 (was 2.2)
  10. Bolt Action Sniper Core – Now Adds 40 Damage instead of +100% (this results in 65 damage instead of 50 because the sniper Frame has 25 base damage)
  11. Sniper Revolver Core Damage stat decreased to +50% (was +70%)
  12. Sniper Revolver Core Damage stat decreased to +50% (was +70%). Made a new BP class for sniper revolver core
  13. Launcher Mini Rocket Core – removed the -20% damage stat
  14. Heavy Rocket Launcher Core – reload tune decreased to 2.5 (was 2.9)
  15. Heavy Rocket Launcher Core – damage bonus increased to 80 (was 50)
  16. Health Regen Aura maximum tier reduced to 3 (temporary until the Stat Precision Update)
  17. Health Regen Aura crafting costs increased to (400,500,600,700,800), was (300,400,500,600,700)
  18. Health Regen Self maximum tier reduced to 3 (temporary until the Stat Precision Update)
  19. Health Regen Self crafting costs increased to (300,400,500,600,700), was (150,250,350,450,550)
  20. Rush Ability energy cost is now consistently 25 for all tiers (used to be 30 for some of the higher tiers)
  21. Increased time before minions spawn to 6 minutes (was 2 minutes)
  22. Increased time between minion waves to 80 seconds (was 75 seconds)

Bug Fixes

  1. Launching a drone while recalling now cancels the recall as intended
  2. If a player dies after placing a proximity mine, the proximity mine will be destroyed
  3. The death screen will no longer be shown if a player dies when the match is over
  4. Modifying the “Lobby Camera Spin” setting while in the lobby while now correctly enable or disable the camera spin
  5. Viewing other player’s profiles in the lobby now works correctly. Recent matches UI will also now show the correct data
  6. Viewing other player’s profiles during a match now works correctly
  7. Fixed bug where floors and other objects could be built on top of the Nexus
  8. No keybind image no longer shows “A”
  9. Fixed some invisible walls and bad map geometry
  10. Fixed jet pack fuel not being set to max if the player’s previous jetpack had max fuel
  11. Fixed bugs with spray system


  1. Lobby settings menu is now fullscreen
  2. Improved settings menu UI styling
  3. Instant Respawn now has a 4 minute cooldown
  4. System messages now indicate which tower is under attack (“Mid Tower under attack”)
  5. Towers now have an icon and appear on the minimap
  6. Drag and drop works in the ability store now
  7. New Ability – Repulsor – pushes back enemies and stuns briefly
  8. New model and particle VFX for Ice Trap
  9. “Punchier” animated hit markers in HUD
  10. Added circle indicator on floor near Resource terminals to show how close to stand to hack it. Toggles on / off when the terminal can be hacked.
  11. Gun modding menu can no longer be opened while a character is swapping weapons
  12. HUD no longer prompts for crafting UI while swapping weapons
  13. New icons for ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc)
  14. Performance optimizations

Join us every Wednesday and Saturday for community playtests. Your feedback is critical to improving Revn with these weekly patches.