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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By April 20, 2020No Comments

This has been a very productive week for us. Britik made a new video about Revn, Eagle Empire Evan had a 24 hour live stream, and there have been many late night dev streams with Silas and Lucio.

We streamed our first Community Update yesterday. This weekly stream will bring together new content highlights, community announcements, and spotlighting creators who are sharing Revn.

Here’s what is included in Update

New Content

  1. New consumable “Cleanse”, removes Stuns and Slowed effects

Stat Changes

  1. Increased time between minion waves to 120 seconds (was 80)
  2. Decreased Nexus Health Regen to + 4 /second (was + 5)
  3. Removed a resource terminal from left and right lanes
  4. Constructor Matrix can no longer be upgraded, only has one tier
  5. Barrage turret
    1. Rate of fire reduced to 9 (was 10 rounds per minute).
    2. Splash radius reduced to 5 meters (was 10 meters).
    3. Splash Damage reduced to 9 (was 12)
  6. Game State has a new “Overtime Theshold” variable in minutes (set to 35 minutes).
    1. If the Nexus takes damage during Overtime, it will no longer heal.
  7. Added trap limit of 10
  8. Repulsor stun duration is now 1 second instead of 2 seconds
  9. Repulsor cooldown is now 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds
  10. Stun Charge “stun duration” reduced to 1 second (was 3 seconds). Now has a consistent Energy cost of 40 (used to increased by 5 per level)
  11. Cooldown is now (20,19,18,17,16), was (16,16,16,16,16)
  12. Shockwave duration reduced to (0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25), was (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 seconds). Cooldown increased to 20, was 10 seconds

Bug Fixes

  1. Going invisible will now stop a character from shooting if they are in the middle of shooting
  2. Progress Rewards will no longer show a double negative sign when losing ELO
  3. Fixed Shockwave ability description (text said the stun lasted longer than it actually lasts)
  4. Rally Status Buff now properly clears its particle system when it is destroyed (when the buff ends for example)
  5. Fixed an exploit where players could spam the Demolish button to gain infinite resources
  6. Fixed bug where turrets could attack through one side of a force field
  7. Demolishing and refunding a building will now only refund the metal spent, instead of the price before the constructor matrix discount
  8. Fixed trap cooldowns not working correctly
  9. Turrets and Towers now properly check line of sight for agro purposes (should fix a lot of Tower agro bugs)
  10. Traps will no longer activate through walls and fixed a lot of other problems with traps



  1. Removed the “background wind” audio
  2. Improved stair cases
  3. Removed “Collect Garbage” button from the escape menu
  4. Added warnings when a team is missing certain roles
  5. Increased size of the acid drip particles
  6. Tooltips for abilities now say “Energy Capacity: +X Energy” instead of “Energy: X”
  7. HUD Visual Rework
  8. New “decryption” animation for system messages
  9. Updated rank icons based on feedback (new elements to gold tier and above. Platinum has a new color)
  10. Added glowing leylines to the Nexus area
  11. Bubble Shield ability now has an animation
  12. Adjusted the Nexus pedestal
  13. Aiming down sights will now reduce recoil
  14. Added a header to Referral Leaderboard and changed “redemptions” column to say “Recruits”
  15. Nexus Shield now uses a different material from the Bubble Shield ability. Bubble shield ability material is now a little more opaque.
  16. Nexus Shield now blocks projectile collision
  17. Minimap now has nameplates for players when in full-map mode
  18. Minions now spawn in a staggered order (random timer) to avoid lag spikes when 24 characters spawned in a single frame
  19. HUD now shows a max of 3 directional damage indicators (improves performance by up to 20 FPS)