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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By April 22, 2020No Comments

We’re rolling out a patch mid-week to address some major bugs found last night during a playtest.

Stat Changes

  1. Reduced Tower agro radius to 3000 units (was 5000)
  2. Team turret limit decreased to 6 (was 15)
  3. Increased the cooldown of acid traps from 10 seconds to 15 seconds

Bug Fixes

  1. Abilities and consumables will now correctly refresh in the hud
  2. The weapon icon in the new hud should now correctly refresh
  3. Fixed ice trap sometimes not activating when it should have
  4. Fixed traps activating on friendlies
  5. Fixed invisibility cloak outline not showing for clients
  6. Repulsor Ability diamond upgrade tiers now correctly show


  1. Drone strafe tilt reduced. Tilts more when boosting.
  2. Reworked profile page to be more dynamic and renamed “My account” to “Profile” in the main menu
  3. Increased size of nexus health bars so text would be better centered
  4. Styled the resource terminal capture progress bar
  5. Changed system message “decryption” animation to use binary (0 and 1) instead of alphabetical
  6. Increased the size of sprays by 3x