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Greetings, Revenants!

We’ve made incredible progress in the last month, and finished Alpha Milestone 9 in record time (5 weeks). Most of our milestones take around 8 weeks. Many of you are wondering what’s next. Today, we’re sharing our Alpha Milestone 10 Roadmap:

Hit Scan Weapons

A long time request from many of our players, we will be switching most guns to hit scan. Projectile based weapons have proven problematic, especially when factoring in high ping and network lag. Hit scan weapons will be more reliable, players will no longer need to lead their shots, and we anticipate smoother gunplay for everyone. Some weapons such as the rocket launcher will still be projectile based.

Weapon Net Code Rework

While we are digging into the weapon code to set up hit scan, we will be optimizing and improving the net code regarding weapons. There is a lot of old code in Revn’s weapons. This should be no surprise. After all, weapons were one of the first mechanics in the game. We’ve learned a lot since then that could make a big difference in reliability. Long standing bugs like “false reloads” and “I thought I was shooting but no one else did” will be addressed.

Hip fire weapon bloom

Following up on feedback from players, we will be adding some bloom to weapons while hip fired (not aiming down sights or over the shoulder). This will give a distinct accuracy advantage to aiming, since bloom will be removed entirely while aiming. We’ll be listening to your feedback to adjust the bloom if there are any issues after it is introduced.

Ping and Call-outs System

Communication with your team is critical to winning in Revn. We will be adding an improved call-outs system that allows players to ping locations for their allies. Coordinating ganks and team fights will be easier than ever before.

Animation Pipeline Rework

For this milestone, we will be updating nearly every animation in the game. We’re starting from the ground up, with an improved workflow for motion capture, rigging, and animating. This is a massive undertaking that may take a long time to fully implement, but we are very excited to be partnered with Radical Motion for our motion capture technology. We’ve been beta testing Radical’s cutting edge technology for over two years. This pipeline rework will allow us to leverage their technology to its fullest extent.

New Passive Items

Milestone 10 will introduce a variety of new hybrid passive items. Offering a mix of various stats, these items will create more loadout diversity. For example, hybrid items will offer weapon damage and armor piercing in one item, freeing up another item slot for the extra Energy item your build might need.


These are just the main goals of this milestone. We’ll continue fixing bugs, optimizing frame rates, and adding other new content alongside these major objectives. Thank you for all of the support so far.