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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.9.0

Thank you, Revenants, for an incredible 24 hour stream this weekend. We’ve raised $1575 on the Revn Indiegogo page, thanks to everyone’s support! This is our Alpha Milestone 9 patch. Skill ratings will be reset, and we’re starting to work on our Milestone 10 goals.

Stat Changes

  1. Terminal Health to 900 (was 1000). Armor to 0 (was 90)
  2. Nexus Health Regen increased to 40 (was 4, didn’t get the 10x update)
  3. Decreased size of Shock Trap trigger radius
  4. Pistol – Rate of Fire to 350 (was 450), Damage to 125 (was 150)
  5. Full Auto Pistol – Rate of Fire changed to 580, Damage decreased to 85
  6. Heavy Wave Minions – Metal Kill Reward increased to 50 (was 20)
  7. Regular Wave Minions – Metal Kill Reward increased to 25 (was 20)
  8. Time before minion spawns decreased to 2 minutes (was 6 minutes)
  9. Time between minion waves decreased to 110 seconds (was 120 seconds)
  10. Rage – bonus armor decreased to (10 , 20, 30, 40, 50) was (50, 70, 90, 110, 130)
  11. Revolver Pistol damage decreased to 190 (was 215)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug preventing players from creating new loadouts in the lobby
  2. Fixed tooltip for Rage ability
  3. Fixed position icons in Lobby not syncing correctly
  4. Poison Gas Grenade’s cloud VFX now goes away properly
  5. Fixed friend referral leaderboard only showing one player
  6. Increased all character masses to 300 (was 100). Should make Grapple Hook less of a slignshot.
  7. Increased “pull strength” of grapple hook
  8. Fixed traps activating on players when the trap went off cooldown, despite the player being out of radius
  9. Fixed consumable icon not displaying charges or cooldown


  1. Added a little more contrast between the charged state and in use state of abilities, recall, and drone in the hud
  2. Players can now view their 100 most recent matches instead of only 10 most recent.
  3. Implemented minion kills into the match history details UI
  4. Added tooltips to the position icons in the lobby
  5. Changed using shift to alt to cycle chat channels
  6. Added a “confirmation prompt” before deleting a Loadout
  7. Players are now slowed by 20% when falling over 6 meters. The slow duration is 0.16 seconds per additional meter. There is a 2 second maximum duration
  8. Chat window is now less visible on screen. Fading out is a work-in-progress.