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Dev Blog 38: Highlights from the 24 Hour Dev Stream

Thank you, Revenants, for an incredible 24 hour stream this weekend. We’d like to especially recognize MrHappyEnding and MasterCloudBender for joining us for nearly the entire stream. So far, we’ve raised $2195 on the Revn Indiegogo page, thanks to everyone’s support!

The last month has been amazing. We’ve launched the Revn Indiegogo Founders Campaign, released a Reveal Trailer, and shipped several massive updates. We are overwhelmed by your support!

Community Streams are a new addition to our schedule. Every Sunday at 7 PM EST, we’ll share what we’re working on, what we’re most excited about, and show some of the changes for the next week’s patch.


Here are some highlights from the 24 hour stream on May 2nd.

Fridai Gaming Assistant Integration

We are excited to be working with Fridai Gaming Assistant. Fridai is a voice assistant that can help players learn about a game. Revenants will be able to ask Fridai for information about their weapons and abilities. Learn more about Fridai on their website:

Dedicated Servers are fully funded

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Fridai Gaming Assistant team, Revn’s dedicated servers have been fully funded! They’ve backed our servers so we can focus on improving the game and adding new content.

The funds we are raising on Indiegogo will now be put towards the dev team, increasing our weekly hours and accelerating development.

Founders Skins Previews

Backers on our Indiegogo page will get access to some exclusive skins. During the 24 hour stream, we shared some wireframe renders of these skins. Check them out, and go claim them before time runs out!

Silver Founder Packs include the Knight Skin and Helmet:

Gold Founder Packs include both the Knight Skin, and the Noble Skin:


Until our next dev blog, we’ll be working on Alpha Milestone 10. You can read our roadmap here.