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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.9.2

This week, we’re adding some new content, balancing the Burst rifle, and introduced some new weapon mechanics (Bloom and mobility influences from holstered weapons).

Here’s everything in Patch 0.9.2:

New Content

  1. Cannon Turret
  2. Wrist Rocket ability
  3. New hybrid passive item – Caster Vitality, increases health and energy

Stat Changes

  1. Doubled the animation speed for throwing all grenade type abilities
  2. Energy Generator – Energy Regen Rate lowered to (1,2,3,4,5) was (1,2,4,6,8)
  3. Burst Rifle damage decreased to 110 (was 135)
  4. Fire Grenade – Cooldown decreased to 8 (was 13 seconds)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed some Target Dummys’ nameplates that said 100 HP instead of 1000 HP
  2. Sentry Turret (ability) will now agro on Rogue minions, however it might not agro due to a different bug
  3. Fixed Bug – Poison damage does only 1 point of damage if the character has some shields remaining
  4. Fixed tooltips for Dex Implant item
  5. Fixed bug where minions could spawn endlessly
  6. Fixed bug – “You can aim down sights while in the middle of deploying the drone”


  1. Added a weapon bloom mechanic, while hip firing
    1. HUD weapon reticule scales to loosely represent the weapons’ bloom and / or shotgun spread
    2. Weapon Bloom Values (in degrees)
      Assault Rifle – 0.4
      Pistol – 0.5
      Sniper – 0.9
      Shotgun – 0.5
      Carbine – 0.57
      Launcher – 0.6
      Heavy Rifle – 0.55
      Burst Rifle – 0.4
  2. Holstered weapons now contribute a small fraction of their mobility stat to your character’s move speed.
  3. Energy Accelerator now tagged as Energy and Cooldown (was previously only tagged as Cooldown)
  4. Re-did the staggered minion wave spawning code that eliminates lag spikes when minion waves spawn

We’ll be playtesting on Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST as usual this week. Thanks for being a part of the Revn community!