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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.9.3

This week’s patch features an early look at our new map, available for a limited time. We look forward to hearing your feedback on it!

New Content

  1. New Ability – Bulwark – deploy a temporary wall for cover during a fight
  2. New Spray – Vintage Revn Poster
  3. Added a couple of new target dummy variants with shields to the shooting range map
  4. New map, District, temporarily available for early testing
    1. District features 2 jungle bosses that grant a team buff
    2. We are testing the overall size and spacing of the map before moving ahead with development
    3. Patch 0.9.4 will disable the map, so try it while you can!
  5. New passive item: Energy Recycler. Refunds a % of energy after casting an ability

Stat Changes

  1. Lowered base move speed for characters to 450 (was 500)
  2. Increased the splash damage from Chilling Blast to 100 (was 10)
  3. Rocket Launcher – Single Shot Core splash damage increased to 200 (was 9)
  4. Standard Launcher Core – splash damage increased to 150 (was 70)
  5. Mini Rocket Launcher Core – Splash Damage increased to 70 (was 50)
  6. Mini Rocket Launcher – armor piercing lowered to 18 (was 30). Damage lowered to 150 (was 220)
  7. Heavy Rifle – Mobility increased to 0.85 (was 0.80). Launcher – Mobiliy increased to 0.83 (was 0.80)
  8. Sentry Turret (Ability) Armor reduced to 15 (was 90)
  9. Wrist Rocket armor piercing lowered to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, was 35 for all tiers
  10. Wrist Rocket – range lowered to 70 Meters (was 100 meters)
  11. Added casting time of 2 seconds to “Incendiary Rounds”
  12. Added casting time of 2 seconds to “Viper Rounds”
  13. Added casting time of 1 second to every consumable
  14. Seer Range Booster passive item rework
    1. Now adds (20, 25, 30, 35, 40) bonus move speed
    2. Adds (5% weapon reload and swap speed)
    3. Metal Cost increased to (150, 275, 400, 525, 650) was (50, 75, 10, 125, 150)
    4. Now tagged as a Utility and Mobility item

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug – minions would agro on Fort preview objects
  2. Minions and revenant bots will now agro on Cannon Turrets
  3. Fixed bug where leveled up tiers of Chilling Blast wouldn’t apply the slow status


  1. Added icons for Semi Auto magazines (standard, double, and fast)
  2. Added Wrist Rocket armor piercing to tooltip description
  3. Empty slots in Loadout Editor now have a blank icon instead of a question mark
  4. Added an “exit confirmation prompt” to the Exit button in Main Menu
  5. Un-purchasable abilities now have a Lock icon instead of the rotation icon
  6. Styled the match leaderboard weapon tooltips
  7. Moved the “Free rotation” abilities that are un-owned to the top of the Loadout Editor offerings
  8. Improved the “Back” and “Confirm” buttons in Appearance Customization UI
  9. Reworked Grenade ability – the ability can now be confirmed (Left Click) or cancelled (right click) after casting it
  10. Added stats to the tooltip for Cooldown Reducer
  11. Tower destruction messages are now sent to chat

We’ll be playtesting on Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST as usual this week. Thanks for being a part of the Revn community!