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Dev Blog 39: Progress on Milestone 10

By August 1, 2020No Comments


We announced our Alpha Milestone 10 goals around 3 months ago. Since then, we’ve released 12 weekly patches and continued playtesting alongside you. Today I want to take a look at what we’ve finished on our roadmap, and what tasks we are still working on.

Objectives Finished

  • Hit scan weapons
  • Hip fire weapon bloom
  • New passive items

Objectives In-progress

  • Weapon Net Code
  • Ping and call-outs system
  • Animation rework

Hit Scan Weapons

The capstone of this roadmap for many of us was hit scan. Now that its been out for a while, we can say that Revn has more reliable hit detection and we’ve gotten lots of positive feedback around this update.

Weapon Net Code Rework

The net code has improved with hit scan, but we are still seeing some bugs, and we are continuing to work on solutions.

Hip fire weapon bloom

We’ve successfully implemented this new mechanic!

Ping and Call-outs System

A ping / call-outs system is still work-in-progress for our team. We want to get it out as soon as possible!

Animation Pipeline Rework

We have a working prototype for our new animation system, but we can’t release it until we finish a several new character skins that we’ve been working on.

New Passive Items

After announcing this milestone, we released 12 new items, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. We are beginning to see more diverse character builds, and our design team is gaining a better understanding of the meta that will allow us to continue evolving for years to come. We’ve introduced the concept of “starter items”, such as Vanguard Plating and Medic Implant, that provide immense value early in a match, but can’t be upgraded and so lose their viability later in a match.


Why has X feature or bug taken so long to finish?

To put it simply, COVID-19 has slowed down some of our development plans for the summer. COVID-19 has impacted our team in many subtle ways. We were already accustomed to working remotely, but we have had many other factors in our lives change as a result of the global pandemic. Remaining balanced in our personal lives while also working on Revn has sometimes been a challenge, but I am proud of the team for how far we’ve come in the last three months.

We appreciate our community’s understanding of the challenges we are facing together. And I know we are just as excited as you all are for everything that we have planned for Revn’s future.

–Silas, Ambitious Games Creative Director