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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.10.0

By August 31, 2020October 4th, 2020No Comments

Alpha Milestone 10 is complete!

New Content

  1. New item – Vital Plating – Health and Armor
  2. New item – Energized Shields – Shields and Max Energy

Stat Changes

  1. Decreased Launcher (default core) splash damage to 100 (was 300)
  2. Decreased Launcher on-hit damage to 100 (was 250)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where Flamethrower weapon had a solid white square instead of a proper crosshair
  2. Reaper Clip now has crafting tags
  3. Added back “Respawning in X seconds” to death screen
  4. Fixed bug – Lifesteal Augment Level 5 had 2500% life steal, should have been 25%
  5. Fixed bug – jungle bosses in District Map would not spawn


  1. Small UI improvements to Inbox system
  2. Improved Crafting Table art
  3. Added pop-up numbers for healing / damage. There is a gameplay setting to enable / disable this new UI feature.
  4. Clicking the Rank Icon in Profile tab now displays all of the rank icons and margins