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This patch is on the smaller side because most of the content we had prepared for this update actually got released in Update 0.10.12 as a mid-week patch.

Stat Changes

  1. Launcher Standard Core – Armor Piercing decreased to 30 (was 450)
  2. Launcher Single Rocket – Armor Piercing decreased to 100 (was 450)
  3. Burning Status now deals Energy Damage (was physical damage)
    1. This affects Flamethrower, Incendiary Rounds, and Fire Grenade
  4. Shock Grenade now deals Energy Damage

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug – projectile weapons (Rocket launchers) would show an Orange Hit Flash as if they had a Critical Hit even when they have 0% critical multiplier.
  2. Fixed bugs with some combinations of Splash damage / Structure Damage / Energy Damage