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New Content

  1. Heat Ray Ability – concentrated beam of energy damage that applies Burning status effect. Consumes Energy while firing.
  2. Power Amplifier – Item with Ability Power (new stat)
  3. Overcharged Cells – Item with Ability Power and increased Max Energy

Stat Changes

  1. Removed shotgun 4x scope
  2. New “Shotgun 2x Constrictor Scope” replaces the Constrictor auxiliary mod
  3. Reduced damage on all Launcher weapons
  4. Assault Rifle 4x Scope now has “+50 meters maximum range”
  5. Carbine has a “long range scope” that increases max range
  6. Sniper scopes (6x and 10x) now increase Max Range
  7. Tower Armor and Health lowered
    1. Starting Armor now 30 (was 40)
    2. 10 Minute Armor now 20 (was 30)
    3. 15 Minutes Armor now 10 (was 20)
    4. 20 Minutes – 0 (was 10)
    5. Tower Health reduced to 10,000 (was 20,000)
  8. New Ability Power stat – upgrades the intensity of certain abilities
    1. Each ability scales with Ability Power differently.
    2. Current abilities that scale with Ability Power:
      1. Heat Ray
      2. Healing Burst
      3. Wrist Rocket

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug – players / teams would sometimes lose vision of an ally team mate (player / revenant bot)
  2. Fixed bug where turrets would not lose vision of enemies even when enemies walked away from the turret’s agro radius
  3. Fixed bug with minions walking past towers / enemies instead of attacking.
  4. Fixed bugs with audio volume scaling / settings not being saved.


  1. Headshot damage number pop-ups are now red
  2. Damage popups for enemies using armor or energy resistance will now be italic
  3. Removed seasonal decorations from District map
  4. District Map layout improvements
  5. Icons for Static Field item, Silenced status effect, Energy Resistor item, Anti Energy Vitality item
  6. Performance improvements for minion weapons!
  7. New UI for drones building forts
  8. New gunshot audio system and new SFX for gunshots