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This week’s patch removes some of the fort objects that are not used very often, in an attempt to simplify the fort building experience. Heat Ray and Freeze Ray both get a buff in the form of reduced Energy Cost. And the Critical Hit system is overhauled for more consistent critical hits across all weapon frames.

Stat Changes

  1. Removed Healing Panel, Ice Trap, Acid Trap, Landmine, Trap Door, Damage Panel, Armor Panel, Corner Ramps, Cannon Turret
  2. Heat Ray – Energy Cost per Tick reduced to 10 (was 30).
  3. Freeze Ray – Energy Cost per Tick reduced to 10 (was 30)


  1. Critical Hit Rate system reworked
    1. Critical Hit Rate is now a percentage that scales for all weapons more consistently
  2. Improved SFX and Music volume controls and mixing
  3. Minor UX improvements to crafting / upgrading gear