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This week, rewards were sent to our Indiegogo 2020 backers. Check your email, and reach out on Discord if you have any questions!

Here’s what’s new this week:

New Content

  1. Healing Capstone Item – Cooldown Reduction and generates waves of healing every 3 seconds.
  2. Player account “titles” can now be equipped and will be displayed in Main Menu, Lobby, and Match Leaderboard
  3. Delta Strike Ability – Similar to Orbital Strike, but Silences enemies within the blast radius
  4. Scout Protocol – Item – +10 Move Speed, +5% Weapon Damage, gives bonus health regen near ally terminals (out of combat)

Stat Changes

  1. Reflective Armor now deals True Damage.
  2. Reflective Armor now reflects 5% instead of 50% incoming damage. We had a small typo in our code…
  3. Reflective Armor now reflects a percentage of incoming damage instead of health lost.
  4. Wave Minion Ichor Reward increased to 80 (was 70). Heavy Weave Minion Ichor Reward increased to 110 (was 100).
  5. Increased cost of Heavy Rifle Core Mods.
  6. Increased cost of Carbine weapon frame and upgrades.
  7. All capstone items now have a “Gear Score Tier” of 6
  8. Heat Ray and Freeze Ray abilities – Rate of Fire increased to 500 (was 350)
  9. Ionic Coating – Increased Energy Resistance
  10. Tower health increased to 18000 (was 15000)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem with stun charge’s duration not ending after a bullet hits an enemy target
  2. Fixed bugs with “cancel / confirm” prompts getting stuck on HUD with Surge ability and Poison Dart ability.
  3. Fixed bug preventing players from “turning off” Heat ray / Freeze Ray abilities when they didn’t have “enough energy to cast”
  4. Fixed some bugs with Stun Charge ability
  5. Reloading now cancels recalling


  1. Ability loadout editor now automatically selects the first ability
  2. Improved cloth physics on Bee Skin cape
  3. Killing the Aerial Boss will now spawn a wave of giant golden Super Minions for your team
  4. Training Hub now has proper cards that link to Discord / Wiki / Reddit
  5. Shield damage now has damage number pop ups