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New Content

  1. Arachnid Helmet

Stat Changes

  1. Orbital Strike now has a 1 second cooldown and has a single blast instead of 5 blasts
  2. Delta Strike now has an 8 second cooldown
  3. Wave Minions now gain 3% Max Health per wave instead of 4%
  4. Increased health of all Fort Buildable Structures to 3000 (was 2000), Shock trap is now 2000 (was 1500)
  5. Increased the radius of Healing Capstone by 25%, reduced the healing from 200 to 100 every 3 seconds, and now only heals allies instead of allies and the owning player
  6. Converted all Percent Bonus Weapon Damage to Flat Bonus Weapon Damage
  7. Energy Scavenger – added 20 Ability Power

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug – Selling the Healing Capstone item doesn’t end the healing status
  2. Removed crowd control reduction from Mercury Plating


  1. Players can now view gear even if they are not at a crafting table. However, they cannot purchase it
  2. Adjusted level design of pipe lane
  3. Added a system message when super minions spawn
  4. Minimap now rotates where the player’s ally nexus is at the bottom