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Revn’s dedicated servers are ready for testing!

Create a temporary account

Rolling out dedicated servers will come in several stages. The first stage will require you to create a “Revn Account” via the login menu that you will be greeted with after launching Revn. You will need to verify your email address (in case you need to reset your password in the future). The account you create will eventually be deleted when we move to our next stage of alpha testing with dedicated servers.

In the second phase, you will make a new Revn Account, and this time you can link it to your Steam account and transfer all of your previous progress, currency, skins, and unlocked abilities. We will have more information available once the transfer system is ready.

Server optimization, stability, and lag

Region based matchmaking is not yet implemented, so all matches will be hosted on a data center on the US East Coast. Your ping will likely improve after we finish region based matchmaking, adding data centers across the country and around the world. However, keep in mind that our region based matchmaking will attempt to find the data center with lowest “average ping” across all 10 players in a match. So, your ping may vary from match to match until the Revn player community grows in your region.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be stress testing our servers to determine how much RAM and how many CPU cores each server will need to use. We expect that the “server tick rate” will vary widely during these tests, as we optimize the code and allocate more hardware resources to each server instance. If the server tick rate is very low, this may lead to unusual bugs or increased ping.

We appreciate your patience while we work on this, and we value your feedback!

Matchmaking Queue Waiting, Backfill, and Timing Out

Our matchmaking system is designed to ideally place players into a lobby with a total of 10 players. If there are less than 10 players online and searching for a match, it will wait up to 2 extra minutes before placing players into a lobby with fewer than 10 players. Once a lobby has been created with fewer than 10 players, the system will attempt to find additional players to “backfill” the lobby. A lobby will exist for 4 minutes, and the system attempts to backfill for the first 3 minutes of the lobby. Once the lobby automatically loads into the District map and the game begins, players will no longer be able to join that match.

If there are no other players online when you search for a match, your search will time out after 3 minutes. We invite you to join our Discord server and meet other players who you can group up with!

Abilities, Skins, and Loadouts

All account services are currently disabled while we work on a new and improved system that will integrate with the dedicated servers. This includes purchasing and equipping skins and abilities. As a result, we have disabled loadout editing.

Until we finish the new system, all players will use a default skin. And, all players will have access to all abilities while in-game (similar to the training mode), removing the need to select abilities for a loadout.

Fort Building Disabled

The drone and fortress building have been disabled due to a game-crashing bug. We are also reviewing the underlying game mechanics surrounding fort building, and assessing what impact it has on a match. Our data (gathered over the course of two years) indicates that most players don’t build forts, and that fort building has very little impact on which team wins a match. With this in mind, we will either rework fort building or remove it from the game.

Stat Changes

  1. Regular Wave Minion structure damage increased to 50 (was 25)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug causing Revenant bots to get stuck in spawn area


We hope you are as excited as we are to test these servers. It has been a long journey to get here, and we couldn’t do it without your support.

<3 from the Ambitious Games team