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New Content

  1. Healing Beacon Ability

Stat Changes

  1. Heat Ray and Freeze Ray – energy cost reduced to 5 (Was 10)
  2. Sentry Turret – health reduced
  3. Reinforced Weeave – Ichor Cost increased

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug with Single Player mode not spawning player
  2. Fixed bug – Clicking “continue” at End of game sends players to old Main Menu instead of LoginMap
  3. Fixed bug with Vanguard Plating healing too fast
  4. Fixed bug with Scout Protocol healing too fast
  5. Recasting Invisibility Cloak no longer cancels it
  6. Gunplay net code improvements


  1. Map changes
  2. Lobby UI now shows “time remaining before loading next map”
  3. Disabled several items and abilities that lacked VFX polish. We will be improving these abilities and items before re-releasing them.