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New Content

  1. Item – Assassin Edge
  2. Item – Matter Reducer
  3. Item – Plasma Converter

Stat Changes

  1. Tower damage ramping is now 30% per consecutive shot
  2. Tower attack rate of fire reduced to 60 (was 70)
  3. Healing Beacon – ability power synergy (10% AP = bonus heal per second)
  4. Increased Puncturing Rounds armor piercing

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed “If you have less than 30 Energy, you can’t re-cast Flamethrower to toggle it off”
  2. Fixed “Bonus weapon damage is not being applied to projectile weapons (like launchers)”


  1. Gear Spec stat bonuses are now granted at Gear Power Level 0, instead of the first bonuses being granted at Level 5.
  2. New UI for viewing other player’s character stats from the match leaderboard (“Press P to view leaderboard”)
  3. Item tooltips now show stats that were previously hidden – Bonus Weapon Energy Damage, Energy Penetration
  4. New HUD elements show item cooldowns below ability cooldowns (for items like Vanguard Plating, etc)
  5. New map art and layout changes
  6. SFX for Jetpack ability
  7. Players are now assigned unique colors on the minimap
  8. Added bonus 50 health regen and 1 enegry regen for allies under towers
  9. Towers will now switch agro if an ally player is attacked under the tower