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Hello Revenants!

For those of you who are actively following the Revn development by playing or viewing our playtest, you likely noticed that the fort building component of the game has been removed. We understand some members of the community may find that a bit jarring, as it was a staple of Revn for a large portion of its development thus far.

The fort building system had several problems which ultimately led to it’s removal. We initially believed that it would offer a unique gameplay experience when paired with the strategic MOBA nature of Revn. Unfortunately, what we observed throughout the fort system’s lifetime was that players felt it was more of a nuisance than a boon to interact with. The disjointed nature of it’s implementation proved too difficult to fit into our fast paced core gameplay loop.

The team is confident that the removal is going to be the correct decision moving forward. We now have more time and resources to focus on the aforementioned fast paced gameplay loop, along with art, and asset development. Expect to see regular updates about all that in future blog posts. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding regarding this change to Revn.

-Allister, Community Manager @ Ambitious Games