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Stat Changes

  1. Both Jungle Bosses (Angel and Hunter) – Baseline health increased to 10,000 (was 7,000)
  2. Rogue Minion that grant Buffs – baseline health increased to 3000 (was 1800).
  3. Regular Rogue Minions – baseline health increased to 1600 (was 800)
  4. Healing Beacon – radius increased to 6 meters (was 4.5 meters)
  5. All scope mods now cost 0 Ichor

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug preventing Healing Dart ability from being cast
  2. Fixed bug with Healing Dart ability – casting ability would also shoot weapon if using LMB to cast
  3. Fixed bug with Poison Dart ability not ending pre-visualization after confirming the ability


  1. The main menu returns!
  2. Adjusted jungle buff layouts (every camp has a buff now)
  3. Removed Seer Range Booster item from game
  4. New environment art in District Map and Lobby Map
  5. Adjusted the blue color used for minimap player icons
  6. SFX when gaining a jungle buff (Health / Mana / Weapon Damage)
  7. SFX – Invisibility Cloak
  8. SFX for Sentry Turret ability activation
  9. SFX for Healing Dart ability