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New Content

  1. Angel Boss now drops a sphere to pick up to spawn super minions
  2. Item – Piercing Amplifier – increases ability power and energy penetration

Stat Changes

  1. Assassin Edge now grants percentage bonus damage instead of flat damage

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where Revenant Bots clear camps and then don’t capture the camp
  2. Improved AI for Revenant Bots pushing lanes


  1. Revenant Bots – Assassin bots now buy Reaper Clip and Bruiser bots buy Vanguard plating
  2. VFX for Anti Healing (purple fire particles)
  3. SFX for anti matter grenade
  4. SFX for healing burst ability
  5. SFX for Bubble Shield ability
  6. SFX for Thermal Vision ability
  7. New environment art in District map