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New Content

  • Updated and Upgraded textures.

Balance Changes

  • Added 2-10 armor pen per level to all flat bonus weapon damage items
  • Reduced base move speed of players by 30, armor items now grant -10 move speed, and shielded plate grants -5
  • Increased basic minion HP by 300, and heavy minion HP increased by 1000
  • Players now start with 10 base armor
  • Sniper Rifle max range doubled from 200 units to 400 units
  • Minion structure damage up to 80 from 50
  • Bio-Fuel Convertor now heals for 120%-200% of an abilities energy cost, grants more base HP as well
  • Jetpack has a longer delay between refueling this can be reduced by purchasing upgrades into it

Bug Fixes

  • When scrolling in crafting menu player characters will no longer swap weapons
  • Fixed bugs with new crafting UI
  • Angel orb hopefully disappears after being collected