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Developer Insight


This patch is a super exciting. We’ve got a ton of overarching meta changes that should create a positive impact in defining the pace of the game, as well as tuning down some of the more meta heavy items that we’ve seen built over recent playtests. This patch aims to give a strong increase to the power minions have both inside and outside of the jungle. For a long time it has been the most effective strategy to spread securing terminals and rogue camps between lane farming. We plan to tackle this by increasing the time investment¬† required to clear a rogue camp as well as increasing the spawn rate of minions. Ideally this should create more decision making within a team as to how resources are handled and distributed. Along with this theme the starting DPS of all players has been slightly lowered by the adjustment to assault rifles rate of fire, this should result in not only a longer time to kill on players but also minions.

The jungle bosses also received a big adjustment in this patch to make them less solo-able and more team oriented objectives.

Armor has also seen global reduction in scaling, put simply the stat was to strong within any type of build, we always seek to encourage build diversity within Revn, as a result there is an armor option which is viable for most classes, based off of data from playtesting the armor items were simply overstated for their flexibility within a build. Our hope is that with the changes bruisers will have to either bruise a little less to be as tanky as previous patches or take a bit more damage to continue hitting hard. Look forward to seeing you all at Wednesday’s playtest to get a feel for the impact of these changes.

Balance Changes

  1. Sniper rifle damage increased from 300 > 335
  2. The hunter boss reward has been drastically adjusted, will no longer grant instant respawn buff, now grants every member of the team 1000 ichor
  3.  Biofuel Convertor now grants 100 Р500 HP based on item level
  4. Smart Gun energy cost increased from 30 > 50, cooldown increased by 2 seconds at every level, and damage bonus reduced by 1% at all levels
  5. Rogue minions (jungle enemies) had their HP adjusted small minions go from 1,600 HP > 1,800 HP and Buff granting minions went from 3,000 HP > 4,000 HP
  6. Hunter and Angel boss were both adjusted to spawn with 20,000 HP as well as gain 30% HP per respawn.
  7. Hunter boss weapon rate of fire increased
  8. Assault Rifle rate of fire decreased from 500 > 450
  9. Decreased armor on all armor items so the max granted by a single item is 30
  10. Bonus per level scaling weapon damage added to assassins edge
  11. Flash grenade now has a per level scaling base damage of 100 – 500 energy splash damage
  12. Energized plating tier one cost increased from 250 > 400
  13. Minion weapon damage increased from 18 > 50
  14. Rogue minions now regen 500 HP per second out of combat
  15. Time before first minion wave halved from 120 > 60 seconds, between waves also halved from 60 > 30 seconds

Bug Fixes

  1. The collectible orb dropped by Angel Boss no longer blocks gunfire


  1. Spawning SFX
  2. Burning effect now has SFX
  3. Rally now has SFX