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This patch a targets shields with our latest balance changes. We’ve noticed that shields have taken a back seat to armor and we’re taking a crack at bolstering their defense and making them a bit more cost effective to incentivize them as a tank option when facing down large burst damage.

We also hit some big QoL targets in this patch with the majority of abilites in Revn having a unique sound effect. Alongside that we’re also rolling out the first version of our segmented HP bars, the goal is to increase clarity when players are facing down opponents.

Finally we’ve got some more adjustments to our jungle and lane minions, jungle camp agro time was reduced, this means players will have to remain engaged with a jungle camp for longer timeframes in order to prevent the camp from resetting and healing. Along with this change jungle camps and minions will no longer need to reload, this is also a preventative measure to stop cheesing of the larger jungle camps.


New Content

  1. Segmented HP bars
  2. New ding SFX when a player kills a minion and gains ichor

Stat Changes

  1. All weapons had their headshot bonus damage reduced by 50%
  2. Nano Weave ichor cost increased at all ranks by 100
  3. Increased Shielding granted by Energized Shields at all ranks by 200
  4. Heavy Shields shielding was increased by 100 at all ranks
  5. Light Shields now costs 100 less ichor to upgrade past rank 1
  6. Increased the shield amount granted by shield recycler by 100 at all ranks
  7. Increased the shield amount granted by shielded plate by 100 at all ranks
  8. Removed 4x scope from carbine as an option
  9. removed range increase on all scopes
  10. Micro Rockets got a 30% range increase
  11. Medic Implant now grants (100, 200, 300, 400, 500) Health.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved a bug causing projectile weapons (Launchers) to not gain bonus weapon damage
  2. Tier 5 reflective armor now grants the correct amount of HP
  3. Healing dart should no longer get locked out of casting
  4. Micro Rockets audio should no longer play globally
  5. Fixed tooltips for Medic Implant item


  1. Jungle camp agro timer changed to 3 seconds
  2. Angel and Hunter now also have segmented HP bars
  3. Minions no longer use ammo or have to reload
  4. Improved pistol animations
  5. Lighting and rendering improvements