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Stat Changes

  1. Rapid fire launcher magazine capacity is going down to 15 and the base armor pen is being removed
  2. Rapid fire launcher reload speed increased by .1 seconds, impact damage reduced to 5
  3. Jungle Boss armor pen reduced to 8, Rate of fire reduced to 400, and damage reduced to 100 per shot
  4. Removed armor pen from all launchers to remain consistent with the rapid fire launcher changes

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue causing certain jungle minions to spawn out of the map
  2. Fixed a bug causing Vanguard Plating to gain extra HP regen when repurchased after selling
  3. Fixed a bug with overlapping text in the lobby
  4. Possible fix for the angel orb bugfix


  1. Jungle minions no longer show up on the mini map
  2. Lowered opacity of explosion VFX