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Stat Changes

  1. Removed most shield items from the game, except for Heavy Shields and Shield Recycler.
  2. Buffed Heavy Shields and Shield Recycler with increased Max Shields and lower Ichor cost
  3. All basic minion (wave and jungle) damage reduced to 40 (was 50).
  4. Jungle Minion Damage bonus increase per respawn decreased to 4% (was 5%)
  5. Minion Weapon rate of fire reduced to 100 (was 200)
  6. Heavy Minion weapon damage reduced to 80 (was 90)
  7. Stun Charge – Cast time decreased to 1.1 second (was 1.5) second. Stun Duration increased to (0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 seconds) was (0.8 second for all tiers)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug causing wave minions to spawn behind a wall
  2. Fixed attenuation with Wrist Rocket ability SFX
  3. Adjusted when “Enemy Target” is set for rogue minions. Lowered their Max Patience to 5 (was 10). Should fix exploit where players could cheese camps from weird angles.


  1. Passive Ichor income now starts 30 seconds after players spawn
  2. Reworked several spawn-related timers to start after players spawn instead of when first player connects.
  3. Improved Rally ability SFX
  4. New animation for running with wrist mounted weapon abilities (flamethrower, etc)
  5. Improved grenade throwing animation
  6. Killing Buff Rogue Minions will now heal a Revenant for 200 Health.