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Balance Changes

  1. Scout Protocol now heals for an additional 200 HP when a terminal is captured.
  2. Created new “Energy Lifesteal” stat.
  3. Renamed Weapon Lifesteal stat to Physical Lifesteal.
  4. New item – “Energized Lifesteal” – has Energy Lifesteal. Icon coming soon.
  5. Shotgun – Damage increased from 630 to 700 pellets per spread increased from 10 to 30, and increased recoil to make shotgun feel more “punchy.” overall this is a rework to shotgun and we’ll definitely be looking forward to feedback around it in this weeks playtest!

Bug Fixes

  1. Lifesteal is now properly calculated.
  2. Possible fix to jungle minions spawning under the map.
  3. Activating any ability while recalling will now cancel recalling.


  1. New model for Hunter boss