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Quality of Life

  1. Implemented Icon for Energized Lifesteal
  2. New icon for Core on mini map
  3. Overhead health bars now show jungle camp Patience
  4. Finished reworking jungle AI agro / patience system – jungle camps will now reset based on the last time they dealt damage.
  5. Upgrading gear will now instantly refresh the tooltip’s stats and descriptions
  6. Adjusted (increased) screen shake and recoil for Assault Rifle
  7. Sniper rifle – increased recoil and screen shake
  8. Revolver – increased recoil and screen shake
  9. Increased player character movement rotation speed
  10. New icon for Darkness Orb ability

Stat Changes

  1. Terminal Hacking Time decreased to 3 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  2. Increased player movement speed (walking) to 500 (was 420)

New Systems

  1. Item sets are now fully functional
  2. Gear Specializations – choose two stats that will passively increase as your Revenant gains gear power throughout the match!

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where renaming loadouts would crash the game
  2. Fixed a bug where loadouts could not be deleted