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I’m ecstatic to announce that over the course of the summer our market area (mid lane) environment art has come astoundingly far thanks to the efforts on our art team’s behalf. The area has grown so much over the last few months that we felt it was worthwhile to share with you some of its evolutions and iterations. We’ve gone from grey block outs, to neon lit buildings, a network of catwalks, and a floor so clean you could eat off of it. We’re really starting to find our stride with environmental art.

Now without further ado let’s jump right into all the changes we’ve seen bring the market area to life. As you can see we started with the game developers’ equivalent of a faceless sketch.

Below we have what the sketch pictured above became in game.

This sketch eventually became the primary entry point into the market area.

Below is the render of what that area became.

Here’s a look at the initial concepts for the many storefront tents you’ll see littered throughout the market.

Eventually we’ll see some more shops opening in the market, these two are some of my personal favorites from the collection.