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We’ve got a very special blogpost today, because we’re celebrating 3 years of development on REVN. It’s been a lot of work for our development team and we’re very thankful to everyone who has been joining us for our weekly playtests throughout our journey. It’s been long and arduous, and of course incredibly fulfilling.

Of course we want to celebrate this milestone with our community, but we’re going to need some of you to help in doing so. As many of you know, those of us on the dev team at Ambitious Games are nose to the grindstone preparing the game for our Open Beta and Steam early access. With that being said we still want to do something fun for our anniversary so we’ll be hosting an extra playtest today at 7pm EST Monday October 4th.

We’ll still have our Wednesday playtest to search for bugs and areas we can improve upon, but we’d also like to just sit down and play. For those of you who were tuned into last few week’s playtests you’ll know the game is feeling the best it ever has. Dedicated servers have come a long way and we’d love to start getting more people involved in these really high quality playtests especially leading up to our larger goals for this year. 

A big special thanks to all of our Indiegogo backers and our incredible partners. None of what we’ve accomplished thus far would be possible without your help. So here’s to three years and many more to come!