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Balance Changes

  1. All Armor and Energy Resistance Items had their respective resistance stats increased by 5
  2. Reworked damage reduction from resistances to be more effective against burst damage and less effective against low consistent damage
  3. Orbital Strike Cool down increased by 1.5s and delay before projectile hit increased by 0.5s
  4. Jungle camp healing ramps up over time

New Content

  1. Teleport – After a short channel allows the user to blink to the targeted location

Bug Fixes & QoL

  1. Fixed scaffolding collision
  2. Delta Strike now shows as a control ability when filter is applied
  3. Dynamic tooltip implemented for Micro Rockets
  4. Tooltip on Incendiary Rounds now states it counts as a reload
  5. Item Crafting search bar now supports searching for a tag
  6. Teleport SFX are no longer global
  7. Fixed Healing Burst tiers 2-5 so that they will now heal allies as intended
  8. Load out editor will now make use of dynamic tool tips
  9. Item Sets editor now also shows item tool tips
  10. Fixed a couple visual bugs with Invisibility Cloak
  11. Possible fix for turrets taking damage when they are not aggro
  12. Jungle Camp aggro is displayed as a white bar under their HP bars
  13. Tossing a grenade while dodge rolling should no longer lock up guns