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Beta Launch Details

Hi everyone! REVN will go live today at 12pm EST. Thank you to everyone who supported us up to this point, I look forward to seeing you all in game!

Balance Changes

  1. Shotgun damage lowered from 700 total to 400 total
  2. Riot shield now has an energy cost of 20 and refunds 40% of the cost if it’s deactivated before it’s destroyed
  3. Heavy Minions no longer deal splash damage
  4. Hunter/Angel boss RoF was lowered to 300 from 400
  5. Plasma Convertor Item now has a 10% AP (Ability Power) ratio
  6. Assault Rifle damage lowered to 85 from 90

Bug Fixes & QoL Changes

  1. Fixed a bug causing cosmetics to reset in the main menu when the tab changes
  2. Selling Riot Shield while it’s active no longer locks players weapons
  3. Fixed the extra zeros in frag grenades scaling
  4. Using Invisibility and Teleport together no longer breaks character model materials
  5. Players can no longer equip skins they do not own
  6. Touched up some main menu idle animations
  7. Match leaderboard (default bind “P”) now displays every players respawn timer
  8. Improved UI for character stats panel in the crafting menu
  9. Abilities and Items upgrades now have an orange glow
  10. Ally minion HP bars will only display when in your field of view
  11. Fixed players being placed into a match in progress as a spectator
  12. Improved animations for Riot Shield ability
  13. Multiple in game HUD improvements to improve readability and usability

Hot Fix Changes 11/9/21

  1. Reduced rifle recoil by 15%
  2. Fixed game crashing at random upon unlocking an ability
  3. Jungle buffs now extend duration of the previous buff rather than stacking if they are the same buff
  4. Pressing “Enter” will now attempt to sign you in if you’ve filled the login details
  5. Shotgun structure damage lowered from 30 x 30 to 4 x 30 (damage x pellets)
  6. Weapons should no longer fire in the wrong direction in close quarters
  7. Fixed a hidden hallway
  8. More color pallet changes