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Balance Changes

  1. Bonus max HP per gear level changed from 5 to 25
  2. Max energy per level decreased from 5 to 3
  3. Shock Grenade AoE increased from 6m to 12m
  4.  Lowered sniper vertical recoil by 10%

Tutorial System Improvements

  1. Improved tutorial information
  2. Added text to the “Item Sets” menu that explains the purpose of an item set
  3. Improved stylization of tutorial pop ups
  4. New pop up in main menu directs new players towards the training hub
  5. Added a prompt that encourages players to purchase upgrades if they have over 2000 Ichor in game

Bug Fixes

  1. flamethrower will now properly deactivate if deactivated by a weapon swap
  2. same fix for ray type abilities
  3. Scout Protocol will no longer give HP from uncaptured terminals