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Dev Blog 11: Progress In The Works

New Community Manager

Hello Everyone, My Name is Rochelle and I am the new Community Manager and Marketing Assistant for Project Ambitious. I am going to be in charge of writing the Developer Update Blog from now on. Thank you all for your patience on this blog getting out late, there was a lot going on at Project Ambitious but we are back on track for our blogs! If you want to know a little about me, I am a college student working towards a degree that has nothing to do with video games. However, I love playing them and am a Twitch streamer in my spare time. I have two lovely cats and two bearded dragons, along with my fiancé, which makes up my family. I look forward to working with Project Ambitious to bring you great content. Thank you!


We created a new system for players to acquire components for weapon crafting. These components will help make weapons more customizable. Characters also now spawn with three different weapons in their inventory. This will allow players to experience more variety in weapons from the start of the match.


Kyle has been working on another iteration of character armor modeling. This is coming along nicely with only some small additions and changes needed. We will be working on other armor models in the future. He also made some happy little shops and buildings for us to use in level design. This adds to our environment and makes the world a little less empty.


John R implemented a basic muzzle-flash prototype. We are working on designing muzzle flashes that fit better with the overall art themes of the weapons, so these are just placeholders for now.


Our audio team implemented dynamic sound effects for footsteps. The sound played will now change based on what surface characters are walking on. They also began working on several UI navigation sounds. Bullet impact sounds have also been added. These are also dynamic and change sound based on what material is being hit.



Some work has been done to the environment of the game. Our newest addition is ruins. These ruined buildings will be all over the map and can be built near or around. Players will fight through the remains of their civilization and these ruins are a reminder of the once great city that stood here.


One of the core mechanics of the game is the ability to build forts to protect objectives. A lot of work has been going into the forts, and you can see some of the possibilities in these screenshots.


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