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Dev Blog 12: Character Model and Gun Animation Progress

By June 17, 2018No Comments

Project Ambitious would like to take a moment to wish all dads out there a Happy Fathers Day!

New Gun Models and Animations

Lots of work has been put into the development of guns for the game. We are reworking our previous versions of the gun models to bring players multiple styles of guns. Several color schemes are being sketched as well and we look forward to showing them to you soon. Below you can see our old model versus the new model.

Old Gun Model

New Gun Model

Finding Characters In The Dark

One issue we faced while creating our model for the characters’ armor was how to make them visible in dark areas but not so visible that they became a beacon. Our solution is small, LED-type lights. These lights are going to be implemented into each characters armor making them visible in the dark but also keeping them from standing out too much. Our other option was to increase the lighting throughout the game to reduce shadows, but this led to a washed-out look that was unrealistic.



Reworked the Code for Teams

Chris has been re-working the code for our teams that the game allows. Originally it was only allowing for a maximum of two teams. Now with the new code we are able to have an unlimited amount of teams available in the game.

Until next week,

Rochelle Schuch, Community Manager