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Dev Blog 20: Preparing for multiplayer testing

By October 14, 2018No Comments

At launch, multiplayer in the Revn closed alpha was restricted so testers could focus on UI issues and single-player bugs. We are working to improve our matchmaking code before enabling multiplayer. This week, we made good progress towards this goal. At the same time, we’ve been reading all of your feedback, and created Update 0.0.1. Click here for the Update 0.0.1 patch notes.

One of the changes we worked on this week is integrating Steam usernames into Revn’s UI. When this change is released, you’ll see your Steam username instead of the old “set your own username” system.

This week, we also had to deal with several issues related to our source control software and cross-platform development. Part of our team uses Windows, while others use Mac, so there can be times that the different operating systems cause trouble for each other. This was one of those weeks, but we got to the root of the issue after a couple days spent tracing error messages and re-configuring our servers.

Rite of Terror Event

Every year, the citizens of Revn celebrate the ancient Rite of Terror. We’ve been designing spooky cosmetic changes and some new gameplay items that will be available during the event. More information on the Rite of Terror event will be available in the near future. Until then, here’s a pumpkin render from our art team.

Be careful, pumpkins can explode!

Register for the Closed Alpha

Want to sign up for the closed alpha? Join our Discord server ( and then fill out an application at

I live stream on Twitch while working on updates for Revn, so come say hi and chat about games. If you missed last week’s stream, its available on our YouTube channel, or embedded below. In this stream, I added a new character armor color to the game, chosen by one of the viewers. I also demonstrated the multiplayer matchmaking (and made some improvements to the UI for it).

If you have suggestions or bug reports for Revn, always feel free to drop them in our Discord server. If you don’t already follow us on social media, we’re on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, under the handle @ambitiousdevs.

Happy testing,

Silas Talley

Creative Director of Revn at Project Ambitious LLC