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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.0.2

By October 16, 2018No Comments

Update 0.0.2 has been released. It includes bug-fixes, stat balancing, and new features, detailed below.

  1. Game UI will now use your Steam Display Name as your username. Replaces “customize your own username” system.
  2. Added a ceiling with skylights to AlphaTutorial shooting range
  3. Re-designed starting room of tutorial so that players spawn facing the door to the next room
  4. Re-designed the other rooms in tutorial map to better flow between tutorials.
  5. Added new colors to armor color chooser menu
    1. “Default gray”
    2. “Skyblue” (suggested by xLogisticsx)
    3. Changed the hue of many of the other color options
  6. Players can now customize their character’s cape color
  7. Added background panels to gun and armor crafting UIs.
  8. Scaled down some text in the armor color menu
  9. Added more tutorial text to AlphaTutorial explaining the importance of raw resource zones and why you should capture them for your team
  10. Added text to HUD showing drone controls while using a drone
  11. HUD now hides the weapon info section if no weapon is equipped (such as when piloting drone)
  12. Weapons are now given a custom name after being spawned, such as “Weapon 1” or “Weapon 2”
    1. Players can still customize this name after spawning, by going to their gun modding UI
  13. Buildings and characters now both have a disintegrate effect when destroyed
  14. Weapon mod stat changes:
    1. Increased Damage on Light Semi auto receiver from 3 to 15
    2. Increased Medium Barrel FalloffIncrement from 50 to 80
    3. Increased Heavy Receiver Semi Auto receiver damage from 6 to 27
  15. Disabled turret building (its not ready yet). This feature leaked out in Update 0.0.1 but it has been turned off again.
  16. Increased mod sync rate by a factor of 9. Your mods will synchronize much faster now (helpful for testing and the tutorial area in general)
  17. Added a buildable door object
    1. Door will prompt you to open / close it when player is close to it