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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update “Multiplayer”

By October 22, 2018No Comments

Update is here for testing! This is the first build of the game to have multiplayer enabled, so we anticipate lots of bugs to be discovered. Here’s what is new and different in this update.

  1. Wall With Door prompt text now changes from “Press E to Open” to “Press E to Close” dynamically
  2. Enemy and ally health bars are now part of your HUD (instead of floating above the enemy or ally)
  3. Outline post-processing effect doesn’t have depth lines after a certain distance now
    1. Addresses issue where far away objects have ugly shifting lines on flat surfaces, and bad ghosting trails
  4. Turned off “camera boom lag”
    1. This feature caused the camera to sway around the character. Turning it off resulted in a snappier, more accurate feeling camera movement
  5. Add multiplayer matchmaking and lobby joining
    1. Use the Join Lobby UI in MainMenu to directly join a Lobby if you know the host’s IP Address
    2. Use the QuickPlay UI in MainMenu to automatically find a lobby.
      1. If no lobby is found, you will automatically host one
    3. Use the Host button in MainMenu to host your own game
    4. A match can have up to 10 players in it.
      1. We will be testing different amounts of players per team in the future. The first team composition to test will be 5v5
  6. Improved building snap-to-grid system
    1. “Centered” objects like floors, resource refineries, and healing towers will now be better centered with the player camera
    2. Completely reworked the entire snapping / preview code back-end, so it should have less problems overall
    3. “Edge” objects like ramps and walls will also be better centered with the player camera
    4. Created “Left-handed” and “Right-handed” versions of Corner Ramp object
  7. Baked lighting in AlphaTutorial map
    1. This should improve performance
    2. Shadows will look better, with less pop-in, on the tutorial map
  8. New “gunmetal” material for weapons, suggested by xLogisticsx
  9. Refactored watermark code so it should no longer be added twice to the HUD when hosting a game

Have fun testing, we look forward to meeting you on the battlefields of Revn.