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Dev Blog 21: Rite of Terror is Coming

By October 25, 2018No Comments

To celebrate Halloween, the Rite of Terror event will be included in the next update to Revn. We anticipate this update going live on Monday, October 29th. In addition to the Rite of Terror, Update 0.1.1 will include numerous bug fixes. More information on what bugs have been addressed can be found in the Update 0.1.1 patch notes (available once the update is out).

The Rite of Terror

We asked our alpha testers what they would like to see in a Halloween-themed in-game event, and the majority requested pumpkin grenades. Kyle created a pumpkin art asset, and then I started prototyping an object that explodes when destroyed, damaging anything nearby. I took this and derived it into an object that responds to gravity and physics, creating a bomb. Next, I made a new helmet, called the Helm of the Pumpkin God. This helmet has the unique ability to spawn a pumpkin bomb above the character. This ability has a short cool down. You can see it in action below.

Every year, the citizens of Revn celebrate the Rite of Terror, an ancient ritual that relishes in death, fear, and feasting. Pumpkins are harvested and used as decorations throughout the cities of Revn. However, there are tricksters who delight in rigging explosives inside these delicacies, and the citizens have learned not to trust them.

You will also find that your weapons have been modified to create phantasmal skulls when fired. Perhaps the tricksters have been tinkering in your armories?

Twitch Community Playtesting

Earlier this week, several alpha testers played with our dev team and stress tested Revn’s multiplayer capabilities. I would like to thank John Rapavi and John Ylitalo, as well as Baeowullf and theeliteboss771, for joining me on my Twitch channel. If you missed the stream, a recording is embedded below.

Join us next Tuesday, October 30th, at 5 pm EST for more playtesting. Click here to get a reminder for the event!

If you haven’t registered to be an alpha tester yet, sign up today at Our Discord community ( is also a great place to learn more about Revn!

Happy Halloween,

Silas Talley, Creative Director of Revn at Project Ambitious LLC