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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.1 Rite of Terror

By October 29, 2018No Comments

We’ve released the next update for Revn. The Rite of Terror, a limited time seasonal event, is here. Wear your most horrifying color palettes and inspire fear with the ability to summon exploding pumpkins from the sky in our first ever seasonal event. Continue reading for full details on what’s new.

  1. Added cel shading and outline post process effects to Small Map
  2. Centered prompt text for Wall with Door
  3. HUD no longer shows healthbars for fort objects if they are at full health
  4. Weapon projectiles replaced with phantasmal skulls
  5. Added pumpkin decorations to Alpha Tutorial map
  6. Added new helmet armor, the Helm of the Pumpkin God
    1. Has unique ability to summon a pumpkin bomb from the sky above your location
  7. Fixed bug where if a client (non-host player) demolishes a building, the building would still exist on server, resulting in an invisible wall / object for the client
  8. New “Generic” Helmet, Chest, Gauntlet, and Leg armor icons
  9. Added 1 second delay between spawn events when spawning all players at match start. Should fix bug where players would spawn inside of each other at exactly the same time
  10. Drones can take damage now
  11. Dying characters now disable their collision and hide their carried weapons
  12. Host will no longer count disconnected players when deciding how many players are traveling from lobby to gameplay level
  13. QuickPlay matchmaking search will now ignore matches that are not currently in Lobby. This will make it much harder to accidentally join a match that is in progress.
  14. Weapon mods can now have +x% stat effects
    1. AutoShotgun mod now has a -60% Rate Of Fire effect
    2. Sniper Barrel now has a -70% Rate of Fire effect
  15. Added “Solo Play” button to main menu, will launch a lobby with max player count set to 1
  16. HeavyMag windup code has been reworked. Hopefully this fixes the bug where using the HVY Mag will freeze a gun’s ability to fire.
  17. Weapons now always reload when equipping a new mod, no matter what kind of mod it is (previously, weapons only reloaded if changing magazine mods)
  18. Added 3 new armor colors: Pumpkin Orange, Bone White, and Black
  19. Fixed Exploit: Moving mod up in sync queue if it is top of queue will no longer instantly finish syncing it
  20. Increased render culling distance over network for fort objects and characters. Should fix issue with clients not rendering far away forts and characters
  21. Buffed Triple Burst Barrel
    1. Triple Burst Barrel delay between bursts reduced from 0.11 seconds to 0.09 seconds
    2. Increased Triple Burst Barrel falloff from 75 to 100
  22. Removed “Refresh” and “Close” buttons from Death Screen
  23. Fixed (hopefully) issues with players being able to build on the wrong side of SmallMap by reworking the zones
  24. Drone usage animations should now play for all characters on all player’s clients
  25. Fixed issues with clients seeing other player’s weapons attached incorrectly (floating weapons not being attached to hand sockets)
  26. Victory progress bars now work properly. Capture “Objective Spheres” around the map to gain points towards victory. The first team to fill their bar wins
    1. Note that no victory screen or End of Match conditions are implemented yet
  27. Holstered weapons are now visible and are attached to either hip or back depending on if weapon has a stock or not
  28. Swapping weapons now calls Stop Aiming
    1. Removes exploit / bug where players can aim-down-sights with a high zoom, then switch to a different weapon, and remain zoomed in
  29. Added BecomeOperational logic to crafting tables. When an object is built, it will take a few seconds to come online before it can become useful
    1. When a crafting table becomes operational, it will check if any friendly characters are nearby, if so it will let them craft gear. Fixes bug where players waiting at the table as it is built were unable to craft until they walked away and came back
    2. Crafting tables are unusable until they become operational

We would like to thank all of our alpha testers who submitted bug reports and offered suggestions. We will be playing Revn with the closed alpha community tomorrow at 5 PM EST, click this link to get a reminder and to see what time the event is in your timezone:

We’ll see you on the battlefields of Revn.