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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.2

By November 5, 2018No Comments

The latest update to Revn, Update 0.1.2, is available now. The Rite of Terror continues, and the explosive pumpkin decorations have spread to the SmallMap. Here are the full details on what is new:

  1. Heavy Mag Rate of Fire stat changed from -10 to -10%
  2. New character armor model, “Ogre”, has temporarily replaced the “Wraith” armor model previously used.
    1. Wraith needs to be edited to allow for mix-and-match with other armor sets
    2. Wraith is also undergoing a total visual overhaul, so it will see a few more revisions before attaining its final form
  3. Reworked character movement and acceleration code.
    1. HUD now shows move state, max speed, and current velocity speed in upper left corner (helpful for troubleshooting bugs)
    2. Characters now have a slight acceleration and deceleration
    3. Fixed bug where swapping weapons while not aiming-down-sights caused character move speed to double, up to infinite move speeds.
  4. Crouching movement mode has been added. Press Left-Control to toggle crouching. Please note:
    1. Not all crouching animations are finished yet, so you will notice some very odd behavior with crouch animations!
    2. Crouching reduces your movement speed significantly (same amount as aiming down sights)
    3. Camera doesn’t change position when crouching, we are working on a fix for this
  5. Fixed bug with using drone freezing character floating in air if jumping
  6. Fixed bug where using drone while walking caused character to continue walking forward to infinity
  7. Reworked a lot of animation transition and blending logic. Animations should blend together more smoothly, particularly sprinting transitions.
  8. Added exploding pumpkin props to small map
  9. Changed position of Player Start (spectator position) in SmallMap
  10. Added checks to character to prevent swapping weapons and aiming down sights if dead
  11. Dead characters can no longer activate armor abilities

The Rite of Terror will be ending in the next update, planned for Monday, November 12th. Until then, keep dropping pumpkin bombs on your enemies.

We would like to thank all of our alpha testers who submitted bug reports and offered suggestions. We will be playing Revn with the closed alpha community tomorrow at 5 PM EST, click this link to get a reminder and to see what time the event is in your timezone:

We’ll see you on the battlefields of Revn…